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Contributions are gratefully accepted via mail to the following address:

SOAPA C/O Jetech, Inc.
P.O. Box 86
Bedford, MI 49017

Please note: We do not give tax advice, but to our knowledge, individual contributions to this site are not tax deductible. Corporate sponsorship may be deductible for the corporation or firm as an advertising expense. Please consult your tax advisor.

We'd like to thank the people and organizations below for their assistance with this site:


May, 2004:

Skymaster Owners and Pilots Association  - $500 (Thank you SOAPA fly-in attendees for your contributions!)

October, 2003:

Industrial and Automotive Spray Washers
114 Bowlsby St.
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 6Z8
Ph: (250) 753-5421
Fax: (250) 753-4537

$100 - Courtesy of Frank Benvin
$44.58 - Postage for Candian mailing


During 2003

Bob Cook, bandwidth for video delivery

December, 2003

Kimber Eubanks, $20

November, 2003

Pat Rolfes, $100
Larry Bowdish, $50
Rick Bell, $50

October, 2003

Herb Harney, $100
Jim Rainer, $35
Kevin McDonnell, $100

Guy Paris, $50
Francisco Gonzalez, $50
Don Hickman, $50

September, 2003:

Hugh Wilson, $50
Jim Stack, $50
Fred Emde, $30

In 2002:

The people who made contributions on the order of $10 each when we hoped to put Cessna service bulletins on the site (and then Cessna changed its mind), we would like to say thank you. Unfortunately, at that time we were not keeping records of who contributed, just watching to see when the total reached $88 for the bulletins. Below is a list of the contributors reconstructed from my memory and the email thread on the subject. If I have missed someone, please let me know. Amounts received were in the range of $10 to $20. Thanks to all who contributed:

  Larry Bowdish
  Jerry De Santis
  Fred Emde
  Don Hickman
  Keven Kennison
  James Marks
  Kevin McDonnell
  Jim Muse
  Don Neiser, Commodore Aerospace
  Guy Paris
  Jim Rainier
  Jim and Jenny Stack

At the initiation of the site:

Pat Rolfes for providing the image that is used as the logo for the site (upper left corner of every page), and Ernie Martin for noticing that it looked a little dark and providing a brightened version.

Larry Bowdish, Bob Cook, Fred Emde, Gmas, Ernie Martin, and J.R. (Skyking), for their ideas and encouragement during the design of the initial site.

Larry Bowdish and Bob Cook for offering computer resources for the site.

Corporate Sponsorship

We'd like to thank Frank Benvin for the idea of corporate sponsors for this site. Corporate Sponsors appear on the same acknowledgment page as individual contributors, but the minimum contribution is $100, and the corporate logo and other contact information is included as advertising for the sponsoring firm. Some folks who use this site and operate their own business may find this type of sponsorship a more advantageous way of contributing.

Mailing Fund

We'd also like to use the contribution from Frank's company (B&F Mfg) as the beginning of a fund to publicize the site, so that we can make as many Skymaster owners as possible aware of the site. All contributions received from now until the fund reaches $600 will be placed in this fund. When the fund reaches $600, we will use these funds to do a mailing to all U.S. registered 336, 337 and O-2 owners. [Update, 3/14/04: $635 was received, and the mailing has been done. Costs for the mailing so far: $422 for printing, $232.82 for postage. Frank Benvin contributed the cost of Canadian postage, thanks Frank!]

Mailing, 2005

In 2005, the Skymaster Owners and Pilots Association funded a mailing that publicized both the SOAPA 2005 fly-in and www.337skymaster.com. Thank you, SOAPA, for this contribution!


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