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Skymaster Images Submitted by Members

Herb Harney and Jerry DeSantis

02 in combat over Vietnam. Flight-simulator rendering submitted by Rick Bell.

Guy Paris' (the old 72 driver) 337G. It is believed that the aircraft is affectionately called "Limabean". Submitted by Guy.

This 337H is painted in the livery of the Air Force circa the Vietnam War era. Submitted by its owner, Roger.

Mark Hislop's 1973 P337G. Submitted by Mark.

Jerry DeSantis' P337G on 12/10/06, following a wonderful breakfast of the Michigan Flyers at JXN (Jackson, MI). Contributed by Herb Harney.

Ernie Martin's 337G at sunset at Eleuthera's main airport (MYEM) in The Bahamas. Taken 12/6/06 after a full day of puddle jumping from Miami to four different islands (MYAN, MYEF, MYCB, MYEM) to survey fuel facilities and retailers.

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