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2021 Fuel Stop Reviews

Just a quick review of some of the places we stopped recently and how we found the services (in no particular order):

Billings, MT: KBIL -- Edwards Jet Center: Full service, excellent customer service, no fees, and they will hangar you if snow is forecast.

Danbury, CT: KDXR -- Reliant Aircraft: Full service, excellent customer service, $10/day ramp fee unless you buy gas (we did not because of climb gradient out of DXR)

Akron, OH KCAK: McKinley Air: Full service, Excellent customer service and crew car, but CAK charges a $10 landing fee I got in the mail a couple weeks after the trip. Why McKinley didn't collect and submit for us is a mystery.

Chickasha/Hinton/Weatherford Oklahoma (KCHK, K2O8, KOJA): All good muni airports with cheap(er) self-service fuel, crew cars, etc. Hinton has cheapest fuel in the state, and Weatherford has the Stafford Air/Space museum ($) as part of the FBO facility.

Ada, OK (KADH): Heartland Aviation, also GAMI and Tornado Alley Turbos are located at KADH. Full or self service, crew cars, nice FBO.

Tulsa, OK (KTUL) We went to Intercontinental Jet Service Corp to get the rear MT Prop re-sealed which was next door to Sparks FBO. Both provided EXCELLENT service. Evelyn's Soulfood is in the rear of Sparks FBO and is incredible.

Perryville, MO (KPCD): Self-service muni airport, with nice little FBO office. Good for a quick fuel stop.

Springfield, OH (KSGH): Self-service w/crew car. Nice airport, minimal services, good for a quick fuel stop.

Springfield, MO (KSGF): Premier Aviation FBO: always excellent customer service and nice facility.

Harrisburg, PA: (KMDT): AvFlight Aviation: Nice, full-service FBO. Excellent for a quick fuel stop.

Casper, WY: (KCPR): Atlantic Aviation, always a nice stop, responsive refueling.

Sidney, NE (KSNY): Excellent Muni FBO. On-duty A&P towed me into a hangar and let me assist in servicing the brakes in under 30 mins and with no charge after only buying only 20 gals full-service fuel.

Goodland, KS (KGLD) Butterfly Aviation: nice little FBO with a cafe next door. A couple of really nice C195s in their hangar. Quick with the full-service fuel.

Garden City, KS (KGCK) Saker Aviation: Opted to stop in Garden City due to severe wx + tornadoes in Oklahoma. Saker was dealing with 5 US Army Blackhawks + crews also stuck there--they got us all (20+ people) pizza, then rooms in the Heritage hotel (nice!) and courtesy transportation to and from, and all at a great rate! Provided excellent refueling & tie-down service for our stay.

Rapid City, SD (KRAP): WestJet Aviation: Nice FBO, quick refuel, good security, and good customer service getting us to/from hotel.

Ainsworth, NE (KANW): Self-service, small limited manning at Muni FBO. OK for fuel stop only.

Hays, KS (KHYS): Nice FBO, quick full service fuel. Vending machines.

Harrison, AR: (KHRO): OK FBO, we didn't refuel, nice crew car.

Mountain Home, AR (KBPK): Nice FBO, quick service.
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