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altitude use C337

Always loved the 337, and I can afford one now.
I have a survey company, primarily large solar installations.
Fly 3 to 4 cameras simultaneously , and currently using a C182P for that purpose. 3 thermal cameras and one RGB, it all fits in the baggage compartment of my C182, made 4 5 inch holes with doublers.

I have some work coming up where the customer demands 2 engines.
Still need to see how to add camera holes. but also some altitude issues.
For simplicity and cost at TBO I prefer a Natural aspirated c337.
Now 95% of my work is at altitudes below 5000 ft, but lately I have gotten a fair amount of work in Utah and Colorado.
With my C182 I routinely had to climb to 13000 ft, but it gets there.(seen 16,000ft), no turbo.
At a few airports density altitude was over 10,500 ft, The C182 was ok with it, 200 below gross typically, does require a light touch, typically 250 FPM.

How would this be with a C337 (none turbo) , 300 below gross ?

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