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Old 09-10-18, 12:12 PM
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Skymaster Maint Items attached

This is from Dennis in Poland

i have bought the Canadian Sky Master and as i do not have some Sky Master expert in Poland, i went thru last 15 years posts ,about technical issues and solutions and remedies to educate my self
and i would like to post them on Skymaster forum, so every body can benefit from them
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Herb R Harney
1968 337C

Flying the same Skymaster for 42 years
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Old 09-11-18, 08:31 AM
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Very nice, Thanks Dennis! (Herb)
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Old 09-11-18, 08:36 AM
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Thumbs up

Lots of good info here.
John K
1977 337G
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Old 09-12-18, 01:59 PM
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Skymaster Trouble shooting

thanks a lot for posting this file for me ;-))))
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Old 09-21-18, 12:20 PM
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Dennis, here's the contents of your file. Not sure why you can't download it.

-All Ads, and mandatory Sbs are in compliance?
- perform Corrosion inspection of the airframe and engine
-Inspection of all kind of hoses and when they were replaced?
-Power Pack ,when it was overhauled, also when different components were changed or ,overhauled or checked?
-Fuel tank condition, where they ever overhauled ,gaskets ever changed?
-Fuel drain was ever changed the seals etc?
-Fuel strainer ,were they ever changed?

-Boots condition ,are they fully functional on the ground and in the air?
-Turbos condition and when they were overhauled?
-Waste gate ,when last time they were overhauled?
-Date of engine overhaul?
-Props TBO and when were overhauled?
-Check the pressure vessel for leaks and how you will accomplish it?
-When the fuel pumps were overhauled?
-When the alternators were overhauled?
-When the vacuum pumps were overhauled ,check fully functional?
-Very through inspection of Exhaust system and pressure check for leaks, does 337 has AD 2000-01-16
-Cowl flap motors check fully functional, were they ever overhauled?
-Door Seal condition and check for any bruises and is it inflatable type?
-Engine borescope inspection for rust and compression check
-Engine mount/frame ,condition and health
-Engine rubber mounts when they were changed last time?
-Fuel injection system when it was overhauled?
-Fuel selector valves where they ever overhauled??
-Does it has the heated fuel lines?
-When the oil cooler were changed or overhauled?
-All avionics working and communicating with each other properly should be checked in flight
-Windows and wind screen condition?
-All instruments working, should be checked in flite
-Auto pilot working in flight
-Electric bus and wiring general condition, has even been done any new wiring?
-Exhaust clamps and hose condition on the engines, it was never changed ,should be changed, as if it comes loose ,will burn a hole thru fire wall
-Flight controls STOP check for any damage
-Flight controls should be properly rigged and no ;loose/play;
-Trim tabs should have no ;loose/play ,has caused crashes due to flutter.
-All controls cables should be check for cracks
-Flaps control cables check for crack
-Properly working heater ,does it has old heater which requires on each annual inspection ?
-Seat rails condition ,there is an AD And seat should latch down properly thru rails, and hole should not be ELONGATED.
-Brakes lines and tires condition.
--Alternators should be able to transfer the load to the other when one is shut down?
-Condition of restart batteries?
-Door Latch pins, comes in and out freely,
-Check at FL 50, FL 10 ,FL 150 , FL 200, full throttle and should get 37 MP in flight
-Check prop Synch function in flite
-Aircraft logs analysis and title search.
-Aircraft free for any debts, leasings or credits
John K
1977 337G
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