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Originally Posted by fsnewton View Post
Same here. I realized after the first two oil changes (and after removing lots of oil from the AC belly) that the dipsticks weren’t calibrated. We put in 8 quarts and it reads 6 quarts. Before that I thought my engines were “burning” oil but it seems it’s just been blown out the breather tube. I use the 6 quart mark now (knowing that I filled it with 8) until I can get the dipstick calibrated.
I put in the remaining 1.5 qts, for a total of 8 qts added, plus a filter change. Filter was not pre-loaded with oil. Started the motor and ran it briefly, came back the next morning, and the dipstick reads 5.5 qts. So that's my new 8 quart baseline reading.

The dipsticks front vs. rear have the same initial P/N, but different letters at the end. I will continue to monitor and investigate.

If anyone has access to a TSIO-360 parts catalog, please post the proper dipstick P/N for the TSIO-360CB engines. Thanks.
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