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Henry 06-23-18 12:27 PM

P337 Fam Flight Availability
Good Day:
Is there any fellow member that would be willing and/or available to provide a familiarization flight in a P337G/H aircraft near the Hudson Valley NY area ? The expenses involved would be totally my responsibility. I am very interested in purchasing a P337 aircraft in the near future. Prior to pursuing this goal in earnest, l believe it would be prudent to personally experience a flight to truly ascertain if this is a realistic goal for me. I reside near Dutchess County airport (POU). My only personal trepidation is my physical limitations which preclude me from walking without the aid of trekking poles, but l am not hindered from flying and maintain a 3rd class physical without limitations. This is the reason l have gravitated to the 337 versus other twins that require access from the rear of the fuselage or over the wing to get to the pilot's seat. Your thoughts and guidance are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Henry

frank.oconnor19 08-14-19 01:47 PM

Did you ever get your flight?

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