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MSGP 08-05-19 06:12 PM

Skymaster Pebuy
We specialize in Skymasters and do pre-buys are over the country.

If interested contact


arvid 08-28-20 05:29 AM

Any type of guide for the dos and dont,s on a 337 purchase
I am looking at 3 337 for purchase and was wondering if you have any type of reading on the goods and bad things to look for ? I am in south Florida

MSGP 08-28-20 10:24 AM

337 Prebuy
There's tons of info on the web.

The biggest issues are deferred maintenance, a through pre-buy will identify most issues. A good pre-buy will be 50 - 60 hours and should include a flight to identify rigging issues.

There are several significant AD's and corrosion is a problem in aircraft from numerous areas of the country.

After a deep dive into the logbooks you should plan on talking with previous maintenance personal about the aircraft.

A search on SOAPA into maintenance issues is helpful


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